Monday, December 9, 2013

Full Hearts and Empty Bellies by Winifred Foley

Full Hearts and Empty Bellies: A 1920s Childhood from the Forest of Dean to the Streets of LondonYes, I enjoyed this book. 

Sort of.

 Let me clarify, I enjoyed this book til the last chapter or two where the main character made a choice that left me feeling rather disappointed in her.

 When you read a true story (or any story for that matter) you want to root for the main character and for the most part I did. But without giving a spoiler review lets just say that I was going to let my daughter read the book after I had finished with it but now I'm not. And while I purchased the following book "Shiny pennies and grubby pinafores" I am reluctant to read it.

 I know its true life and people do make choices that others wouldn't or even that they themselves might do differently if given the chance ,so I know you cant honestly fictionalize a true story to make it more palatable to everyone who might want to read it.

 However, I do wish the authors in this whole "back in time" series would take into consideration that there are young people who's parents are trying to bring them up with good morals would LOVE to read these 'old timey' books, only without offence. Just something to think about.

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