Monday, December 9, 2013

Sea Of Secrets by Amanda Dewees

Sea of SecretsSo what do I think of "Sea of Secrets "?

"Bother Herron"!

Two words mentioned in the book that I couldn't agree with more. (Herron is the 'hero ' ~I use that term loosely ~ and I found him a petulant child who needed a good kick in the pants for most of the story)

In many ways this book was very good. The writing is good and the characters well drawn. It is written much like the gothics of old which I enjoy. Also I was glad that the author didn't stick to the old formula of 'dark brooding hero triumphs '. It was good to have unexpected twists and turns. (which I wont get into obvious reasons.)

 What I didn't like was the paranormal references. I don't like ghost stories as such and I was waiting for things to be cleared up in a "human " way. So when they didn't I was a little aghast. Its my own fault. I knew the book was loosly based on Hamlet but Im not into Shakespeare and I knew the Hamlet story only vaguely...

As for other aspects of the book, readers will probably be happy to note that there is no sex in this book and only one or two mild cusses. Violence is also minimal.

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