Sunday, December 8, 2013

Tempest In The White City by Deanne Gist

Product DetailsI have no problem with the writing. I enjoyed it and laughed heartily in a few spots. But this can hardly be called a prelude. It's barely even one chapter's worth of writing.
 The book info says 46 pages but don't be fooled, it's half that. The rest is an excerpt from "It happened at the fair". 

Why did the author do this? I agree with a previous reviewer who suggested that this should have been offered for free, and then we would have gladly paid for the full book when it came out. 
With this being offered at .99 I felt like the public (me) was being "nickel and dimed" just to see if we'd fall for it. And I was; so I'm a little ticked.

For the record, I LOVE short stories, but this was not a short story OR a prelude,it was the musings of a chamber pot sitter. Seriously.

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