Sunday, December 8, 2013

Chances by Carolyn Brown

Product DetailsTHis is about an Acadian Bayou woman who when left destitute by her nasty brother in law decides to take advantage of a "circumstance of amnesia". A man gets a blow to the head in a bank robbery and wakes up with no memory.
Adelida, the heroine, has no money and no where to go so she steps in as the muddled man's "wife". (only he doesnt have one but he doesnt know that yet). THis affords her a way out of the city to travel north on a steamboat with her "husband". (but don't worry, she isn't compromised- doctor's orders!)

Anyway, yes, there are some far fetched parts of the story, i.e, shipwreck, buried treasure etc but hey, its fiction why not.

Its a clean story with no cussing. The only thing that makes me hesitate to recommend it to young
readers is theres a few passionate kisses involving tongues which I found unneccesary

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