Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Magic Of Ordinary days by Ann Howard Creel

Product DetailsThis is a gentle, thought provoking story of a young pregnant woman who is sent away to marry a farmer before her child is born. Its a story of acceptance, forgiveness, and a slow building love. Life doesn't always turn out the way one envisions but that doesn't mean it cant turn out well. Ray (her arranged husband) is so sweet and tenderhearted that your heart aches for her to accept him. Overall a very good read and I enjoyed it.


SEX : There is one sex scene (one paragraph) where she thinks back on what it was that brought her to her present predicament.




Because of the sex scene I cant recommend this to YA readers. It was a short reference but fairly descriptive. If viewer ratings are anything to go by, the hallmark movie is supposed to be wholesome and family friendly

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