Monday, December 9, 2013

San Antonio Sunset by Kathleen Fuller

San Antonio SunsetThis story is about two family groups. One is a young man who basically "runs away" from the home he knew to prove to everyone and himself that he can make it on his own and maybe get some respect while he's at it. He fails rather miserably and is starving, robbed, beaten and left for dead when family group #2 crosses his path. Family group 2 consists of two drifers: a young, scarred woman and and an older man who has brought her up as a father since she was little. They bandage the young man's wounds and the three of them become a sort of makeshift family and thats how the story begins...

I gave the first in the series "Santa Fe Sunrise" two stars because I felt it was unoriginal. This book, sequel "San Antonio Sunset" was much better. While it's a sequel it does also stand alone. This novel centers around the last novel's hero's brother. Got that? So its a new story with new characters.

 Both the characters and the plot in this book were more fully developed in this story and I cared what happened to the H/H so that says a lot for the author's writing. When I read a book I want to FEEL something and I did.

Why only four stars? Well, as pleasant as the story was it felt incomplete. Perhaps there was a page limit. However, given another 50 pages we could have had a more fleshed out story. For instance, I would have loved to have seen a bit more interaction with the family he left behind once they return in San Antonio.

Perhaps it's just me but sometimes the ending,"everyone is happy, everything is forgiven and they lived happily ever after" seems a sort of anticlimax...but I understand they have to end the story somewhere and perhaps there's a page limit.

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