Monday, December 9, 2013

Over The Edge by Mary Conneally

Over the Edge (Kincaid Brides, #3)I read the first book in this series "Out of Control" which was good but I REALLY wanted to find out what happened to Seth so I skipped book 2 and read this one "Over the Edge" book 3. Where do I start?

Seth has to be the most UNUSUAL hero of any book Ive read and probably the most rooted for. When you read this you really want him to succeed and overcome his memories. He's such a likable nutcase. :)

A brief recap: Seth has serious injuries both physical and mental as a result of a horrifying childhood adventure gone wrong coupled with fighting in the war. While on the rebound from Andersonville, he marries a woman, Callie, but then disappears. Well, Callie comes looking for the sorry scumbag she married and not only finds her husband (who has no memory of her) but gets embroiled in an adventure
involving missing diamonds, kidnapping and caverns. Is Seth really insane or just traumatized?

Excellent story. Loved every minute of it.

After reading Over the Edge I am reluctant to read the second book that I skipped cos I feel like this one can't be bettered.
By the way, like all of Mary Connealy's books, this is listed as "inspirational" but there is no preaching in here, just clean reading.

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