Monday, December 9, 2013

Death In Kenya by M.M.Kaye

Death in KenyaWow.

This is my first M.M Kaye book...WHERE have you been all my life? Believe it or not I only heard of this author last week, don't know how I came across it but it sounded right up my alley so I went to the library to find some of her books. I chose a few of the 'death in...'series to start with (cos they're shorter)to see if I liked her writing style before I ventured into her larger books.

And basically, I love her!

The author has lived in all kinds of exotic locals and incorporates them into her stories. So the reader always gets a good dose of "vacation in an arm chair". Love that. This book finds us in Kenya ~with a murder~ kind of Agatha Christie style.
This story started off a little confusing~ only because several people are introduced and I had a hard time keeping them straight at first. But once I did, I was engrossed. It's a classic "who-dunnit" thriller.I had my suspicions of the bad guy but I was see, it's not entirely predictable.

If you havent read any of M.M. Kaye books, check some out at the library,they're well worth a read! I'm off to find another one.


SEX: None
LANGUAGE: mild cussing throughout
DRINKING: Quite a bit~ but it is integral to the story
VIOLENCE: A few brutal crimes are mentioned (in a list) but the main murder/s are not shown.
PARANORMAL ELEMENTS: none. A "ghost" is mentioned as a possible reason for
vandalism. (It is Kenya after all) but there are none.

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