Monday, December 9, 2013

The Moon Spinners by Mary Stewart

The Moon-Spinners3 1/2 stars
First off, forget everything you know about the Moon spinners from the Disney movie with Hayley Mills (which, by the way I thought was pretty good); the book is completely different.

Basically, a young woman arranges to meet up with her aunt in a small coastal village in Greece for a short holiday. Nicola arrives a day ahead of her aunt and while exploring on her way to the hotel, stumbles upon a wounded English man, Mark, who has apparently got caught in the cross hairs of a feud and witnesses a murder. His young brother, Colin, is now missing. Nicola's role is to help Mark find his missing brother (Is he dead?) and avoid getting herself killed in the process.

I enjoyed this book and the descriptions of Greece were realistic. It's a light read, a mystery with a mild romantic undercurrent and some funny tidbits. Good story.

SEX: None
LANGUAGE: Very mild cussing
DRUG USE/ DRINKING: some cigarette smoking
VIOLENCE: Mild. A "fisticuffs" fight at the end which I found almost humorous. (not sure if it was meant to be but it seemed almost comic)

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