Monday, December 9, 2013

Tide Of Fortune by Jane Jackson

Tide of FortuneIf you love a book that's a true getaway, that takes the reader to faraway places where the colors seem richer, the scents stronger, the breezes stifling, and the food exotic then you will love "Tide Of Fortune".

The story starts out in Cornwall England during the time of Napolean . As the ship travels, the setting changes to Gibraltar and Tangier which I loved because it was so foreign to me. The descriptions of the marketplaces, the palace, even the food on the table and a visit to the "outhouse" and bath house were fascinating.

For the most part I thought the characters were well developed and realistic. I had just read "Eye Of The Wind" and loooved it, those characters being my favorites so that may explain the 4 1/2 stars I gave this book instead of 5. However there was one
puzzlement in the book and that was the heroine's father, mother and sister. I couldn't understand why they hated her so much. OK, maybe the sister was jealous, (that was mentioned) but why her parents? I didn't feel the reasons were fully fleshed out or justified.

The H/H were kind of a Jane Eyre meets Mr Darcy (if that helps you picture them any).

There was no sex in the book , although an out of wedlock pregnancy is mentioned and no real violence, though a couple of medical procedures. Cussing is minimal and mild. (moderate if you're British and count 'the three B's') I would probably rate it PG for American audiences.

 Themes include sea adventure, sabotaged romance, kidnapping, ransom and forgiveness

It was an immersing read and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

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