Sunday, December 8, 2013

Death In Zanzibar by M.M. Kaye

Death in ZanzibarThis was a good who-dunnit but can not compare to "Death In Kenya". Not nearly as atmospheric or intense. Still, it was good and I look forward to reading the others in the series.

*just a FYI This book is a sequel to "Trade Wind", although it was written before Trade Wind. In other words, M.M. Kaye wrote "Death In Zanzibar" and then afterwards went back and wrote the story which was to have taken place 100 years prior (Trade Wind). Maybe thats why this story just didn't satisfy me. Trade Wind is an epic (a blockbuster) and this is a mild who dunnit. Not nearly as good. But still worth reading and a good murder mystery with some hidden treasure thrown in there too.


CUSSING: Mild, sprinkled throughout
VIOLENCE: Not shown, but a few people are murdered.
SEX: None
SPIRITISM: rumor of an old curse is mentioned

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