Monday, December 9, 2013

The Loch by Janet Caird

The Loch
It all starts when an earthquake in Portugal shifts a fault line on a loch floor in Scotland. This, in turn, triggers a tidal wave which reshapes the scenery and sets off a chain of events that bring horror to a small Scottish village where "nothing ever happens"....

The loch starts receding...caves appear where water once covered them. Finally, the water completely drained, the inevitable happens. People want to explore the caves. But not all is as it appears..or as safe. And then there's the caves inhabitants....who have lived there for hundreds of years...

Awesome book! While I was reading this I thought of two
books. The Birds & Other Stories by Daphne Du Maurier and The Time Machine by H.G. Wells. Both authors would have been proud of this book. The atmosphere builds slowly, allowing the mist to settle on you; you notice how still the air is, the behavior of the birds, the sky's color, unusual ripples in the water. You can FEEL the unease and fear start to build before the tidal wave hits...

As the waters in the loch disappear, objects are unearthed in the floor of the loch; boats, pots and pans, an old car wreck etc. Casually while exploring, a man pokes around a large white pebble with his walking the description of what follows: "she watched while he worked and worked with the stick until it was revealed- a skull, water-smoothed and yellowed, with sand and silt dribbling from the eye-sockets in thick oozy

If you like thrillers that are high in atmosphere and mystery but not in violence you'd like this.

 SEX: Once implied but not shown to reader
VIOLENCE: Natural disaster, a man falls from a cliff after being blinded


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