Monday, December 9, 2013

Love By The Letter by Melissa jagears

Love by the LetterThis is a novella, not a book (it's 70 something pages, 7 chapters in total~ the rest is an excerpt from the sequel) but I'm not complaining. For one reason, it was free and for another reason it's a very good read whatever it's length.

Basically, it's about a dyslexic man who has been in love with the town's most studious, clever bookworm for practically his whole life but never thought she'd look twice at him ~ being a 'dumb oaf' who can barely read and write~ so he decides to send off for a mail order bride. Only problem is, the woman who responds to his advertisement makes fun of his spelling and the hero is so humiliated he decides not to attempt another letter unless he can write a paragraph properly. So what does he do? He asks "miss bookworm" to help him with his reading and writing. The story goes on from there.

I thought the characters were genuine and their obstacles true. The story is touching in it's simplicity and heartfelt. I loved it. I also thought that the subject matter of dyslexia (though never addressed in those words) was tasteful and by no means demeaning. Well done! 

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