Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Shrouded Way by Janet Caird

The Shrouded WayFor me, this book has it all.

Its based in Scotland (which I loooove) so you have the atmosphere. Think fog and craggy seaside cliffs, a small village where everyone knows everything about everyone and everything, ha! And throw in an old churchyard, a crazy old woman, itinerant gypsies, lost treasure and sunken ships..
oh and don't forget the old house, a murder or two, kidnapping, cave passages and old wells...

you would THINK that it would all be just TOO MUCH going on but it's not. Somehow, the author works it out and it seems perfectly reasonable.

 Then there's two or three love interests, but if you think this book is going to get sidetracked into ponderous snogging you're mistaken. I think I counted two kisses.
Which is WHY (yes i need to vent..) I am most disappointed in my cover art!! This delightful cover you see here on GR is NOT the hideous monstrocity I got saddled with thanks to buying used books online. Mine is a red cover with two people smooching. Looks like a really cheesy harlequin and if I saw it in a shop I wouldn't even have picked it up. Thankfully I knew differently and didn't let it deter me. Because the story is excellent!!!

One puzzlement to me is that the gypsies spoke in broad Scots dialect (which to me is a delight to read) but the villagers spoke the voice of the narrator. And yet all were Scottish. And all should have spoken pretty thickly. The gypsies were Glascwegians and the village/ers up by Eige and Mull. Just a puzzle. My guess is that it would be too tiring for the reader (or the author) to have a whole book full of dialect.


SEX : None.
PROFANITY : Two or three mild cusses
VIOLENCE : There are a couple of murders. Nothing graphic.
PARANORMAL ELEMENTS : An old woman is whispered to have second sight. Shes just an old woman.

MY RATING : Mild PG. Suitable for YA

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