Monday, December 9, 2013

Into The Wilderness by Laura Abbot

Into the WildernessThis novel is basically about an army captain and an army doctor's daughter. Caleb and Lily. Caleb is plagued with nightmares from Washita and other battles and is nearing his retirement and the time he can join his family's ranch back in Kansas. Lily is a girl who, while knowing her medicine and literature is not so adept in knowing her own mind and heart.

Caleb gets 5 stars. Lily, on the other hand..OMGoodness...I haven't read about a heroine that I so wanted to smack aside the head in a loooong time. Personally, I think Caleb should have forgotten about Lily and courted her sister Rose instead. (you know, the pudgy red head that not even two hundred soldiers care to look at?~ I know. Impossible. Rose is everything Lily is not. She's sweet, loving and knows her own mind. She's a gem). Lily is a wee bit on the selfish side. That took a star off it for me. I would have taken more stars off but I held, now, no need to bomb a book cos you don't like a

The story itself is good. And the writing is good. I just think Caleb deserved better.

Note to author: Do I see a sequel in the making? Maybe between Seth and Rose?????

There is no sex or cussing in this book. There is some descriptions of battles. Nothing too descriptive.I would feel comfortable letting my daughter read this book.

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