Monday, December 9, 2013

The Farmer's Bride Collection

The Farmer's Bride Collection: 6 Romances Spring from Hearts, Home, and HarvestTHis is a lovely collection of 6 clean, historical romance novellas, each about 9 or 10 chapters long.

There were a few I really loved, One was "A Homesteader, A Bride and A Baby" about a woman who travels to visit her sister and family in Minnesota only to find that they all (except the baby) died of diptheria before she got there. So she stays on the farm to bring up the baby. A nearby homesteader helps her on the farm and well..I won't give away what happens but I thought it was pretty sweet.

I also liked the story "New Beginnings". It was quite different; rather than your typical "love at first electrical contact" this was about a young couple who grew up together and it was always expected that they would marry. While he is(and has always been) head over heels in love for the heroine, she feels friendship but not love for him. She marries him anyway in hopes that love might grow in time. (as though he would never find out her true feelings....but he does and here is where the story really takes off. Very gritty)

my favorite I think was the applesauce war. It was funny and poignant at the same time. Two neighbors secretly agree to a "war" between themselves, forbidding contact with eachothers families in hopes that their son and daughter will (reverse psychology here) fall for eachother like Romeo and Juliet. Surprisingly all is going well in that direction until the two neighbors say some foolish things in their pretend "spat" and end up spatting for real.It goes from bad to worse until...I wont give it away, you'll just have to read it. :)

I also thought "The Tie That Binds" was real cute; it's about two single people who want to adopt a child each from the orphan train that comes through.

I gave the collection four stars cos one story I didn't care for at all (very preachy) but it is still worth buying or borrowing for the others.

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