Monday, December 9, 2013

Golden Urchin by Madeleine Brent

Golden UrchinI loved this book! A girl is kidnapped and found by a tribe of aboriginies. She grows up with the tribe and thinks she's a freak of nature left by the "totem gods ". After many years she leaves the village, saves the life of a man dying in a desert, finds a new home and learns to live as a white woman. 

But who is she? 

Someone knows and an attempt is made on her life. The question is why?
Her travels take her from Australia to Switzerland to England and finally to Africa where the adventure climaxes in a shipwreck and race for survival along the Skeleton Coast. 


SEX : None, however tribal custom is made reference to in relation to men and women ~wife swapping and general immorality even among children ~

PROFANITY : Very mild cussing.


SPIRITISM /PARANORMAL : Aboriginal belief system is mentioned (sickness as a result of magic etc)

Also, one minor character attends seances.

I'm not even sure why the seance was mentioned. Unless it was to show how far the main character Meg had come from her tribal past (as the story shows she wanted no part of this.)
Or maybe it was to show how even in "civilized " western cities superstition thrives.


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