Sunday, December 8, 2013

Mission Of Hope by Allie Pleiter

Product DetailsAfter reading the first book "Masked by Moonlight" and giving it a rather poor review I was reluctant to try it's sequel. But I had bought them together and well, I had to give it a fair chance. After all, the sequel was written a couple of years later and things could only improve, right? Yes, RIGHT! 

 The sequel, "Mission of Hope" (which can also stand alone, thank goodness!) is FANTASTIC! I felt that the characters were extremely well developed in this story and REAL. 
The emotion was gutsy; I even teared up at one point when a little girl who lost her baby sister after the earthquake humbly requests a doll on the "Midnight Messenger" post. Heart strings are meant to be pulled and this novel delivers :)

The romance had depth and was heartfelt. Overall, the book is a winner and I think most anyone will enjoy reading it.

There is no cussing, and no sexual situations. The "preachiness" is minimal. More of a "God give me strength" kind of thing.

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