Monday, December 23, 2013

Circle Of Spies by Rosanna White

Circle of Spies (The Culper Ring #3)5 Stars arent earned easily.But this book deserves every one of them.

It isn't often I read a book and say "I wouldn't change a thing ". There's always something that just doesn't quite 'scratch the itch'. So I was amazed that when I at last put this book down I didn't have one negative thing to say about it. It was perfect.

The characters are flawed and REAL. The heroine is a coquette and drawn in many directions by her desires; she makes some bad choices in her life which eventually cause her to rethink where she is heading. At heart she is a good person. Shes also fascinating in that she has perfect recall. She has merely to glance at something (or see something or hear something) and it is forever and indelibly inscribed on her memory. This is both a blessing and a curse. But its interesting how it all pans out and is put to use.

The hero is very likable. A bit of a rogue who has turned his wayward life around on the inside but as a Pinkerton detective he assumes the role of his traitorous dead twin brother to infiltrate the KCG.

And the villain...he's a perfect villain. I liked that he didn't hide his "villain-ness" til the last page. He was a villain from the very first chapter which made it all the more spooky. But hes not at all comical. He played an abusive control freak who will stop at absolutely nothing to posses his deceased brothers wife. (The heroine) .He's positively smooth at the start of the book but becomes increasingly unhinged as he loses the devotion of his intended.

I just loved this book. You need to read it. Even the secondary characters were well formed and living. Such a well developed story. Did I say I loved it??


SEX : None (although a past indiscretion is mentioned)
VIOLENCE : A few people are shot and there are plans to assassinate the president.
SERMONIZING : Very mild and not at all "forced". It just seemed normal progression of thought (regret, repentance, righting wrongs etc) . I didn't find it preachy or "denominational" at all.


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