Friday, December 13, 2013

Painted Ponies by Amanda Harte

Painted PoniesPainted Ponies is such a sweet, beautiful story with very few reviews.I aim to rectify that:)

It is the story of young woman (an identical twin) whose life is drastically changed by a house fire that leaves her mother and father dead and herself badly scarred. She goes away for a year getting medical treatment and returns to her home town, expecting her brother to meet her at the train station. Instead, her brother's employee meets them; Rob, a man with his own troubled past, a man who has been commissioned by her brother to create a carved wooden carousel for his sister as a welcome homecoming...

I just love the whole "look beyond the surface" kind of love story where people are attracted to the person itself, with or without the fancy packaging. In Rob's eyes, Anne is beautiful inside and out and never is there a word or look of pity in his gaze. Of course, there's the tension which you need in a story, the misunderstandings and doubts that make you wonder if love will really triumph in the end, yet knowing that it must. It HAS to!

Such a lovely story.

Painted Ponies is the first in a series of books but is stand alone with no cliffhanger endings. I believe that the other books in the series focus on other townsfolk in Hidden Falls.


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