Sunday, December 8, 2013

From Thin Air by Carolyn Brown

Product DetailsSo this story is the second in the Black Swan trilogy featuring Alice the so called "dim witted" sister. Only she's not dim witted, the blank look is a result of nearsightedness. But being a free spirit she lets the town people think what they will of her.

I'm not going to write a synopsis as that has been done already. But suffice it to say that this story was awesome!!

 I read the first in the series "Pushin Up daisies" first (I like to read things in order) and have just now finished this one. Thus far, "From Thin Air" is my favorite. Alice and Ira are such true to life characters, so HUMAN you feel for them the whole way. 

You'll laugh with them, your heart will break with them and you'll rejoice with them too. This book delivers all the emotions. I love that.

 Its a clean read, minimal "mild" cussing, and no preachiness.

This book is definitely going onto my "favorites" shelf.

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