Monday, December 9, 2013

Dangerous Waters by Jane Jackson

Dangerous Waters"Dangerous Waters" is first of all an adventure and secondly a romance. In some ways I found this book quite similar to "Tide Of Fortune" (another book by Jane Jackson). In both books a young woman travels on a ship, butts heads with a male on the ship (and yet over the course of time falls in love with him) and then halfway through the book the ship lands on an island (previously Tangier and in this story Jamaica) where the stories take very different turns (both in plot and in setting) and here is where the stories really take off.

 In this tale, the heroine travels to Jamaica to meet her fiance by arrangement; the son of a wealthy sugar plantation owner. Unbeknownst to her, he is vilely amoral and cruel. The island is a hotbed of upheaval and revolt and his plantation is no exception; the situation rapidly escalates to a terrifying climax.

The romance was slow and with a fair amount of tension. I wish the H/H could have come to an understanding sooner but the ending is not to be missed; it's PERFECT!

 There is no sex in this book and minimal cussing. (moderate if your British and count "the 3 B's")
While the reader is not an onlooker to violence, violent events are mentioned. (Remember we're talking about cruelty resulting in slave revolt) so keep that in mind. Also the H/H are in the medical field so medical procedures (and some blood) are involved in the story (mainly amputations and childbirth). There is also mention of young girls bearing the children of their white "owners". In no way is this glorified and there are consequences for such acts but it's good to be aware of. I would rate this book PG13 for thematic elements.

 On a side note there are a fair few editing mistakes in the ebook that need to be rectified as it causes some backreading to figure out. Some people get really annoyed with this. I don't pay it much mind if I'm enjoying the story (which I was) but I thought I'd mention it as the reading of the book would be much smoother with a just a bit more proofreading.

Jane Jackson's book "Eye Of The Wind" is still my favorite but this story is a solid 4 stars. I enjoyed it and I'm sure my 15 year old daughter will too.

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