Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Lost Locket Of Windbrace Hall by Beverly C. Warren

The Lost Locket of Windbrace HallI'll confess I almost gave up after the first two chapters. I thought the characters stereotyped and shallow. (example: the old woman looked like a witch, down to the beak- like nose, wart, haggard face and rheumy eyes!! Or the hero: His black suit made his black hair blacker, his eyes greener, his shoulders broader and his waist slimmer" ~ Yup, I groaned out loud, too~ )

But! Once I accepted the book for what it was: a mass produced paperback gothic mystery/ romance (in other words, when I lowered my expectations) I actually enjoyed the story.

Think Nancy Drew for adults.

 The mystery itself was fairly good though the title is a misnomer. Yes, there is a locket but no, the locket was never lost. And in fact, the reader kind of forgets all about the locket until the last chapter. Oh yes! The LOCKET! Hmmmm, how can we fit this in...

I thought the story was needlessly coarse in places, in fact I "sharpied" out a few lines that I found vulgar and there are a few cuss words as well. I don't know why authors feel they need to do this, this is an old book so I was hoping it would be less crass.(And I'm sure it is "less crass" than others but still the crass bits were not needed).

 Will I give this to my 15 year old daughter to read?
Yes. (My edited version that is. :)
But I think I'll scratch this author off my list of "safe reads" because frankly I just don't know what I'll come across and I didn't think it was riveting enough to bother.

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