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Shadow Of The Moon by M.M.Kaye

Shadow of the MoonSome reviewers call this book a love story. But that is such a small part of it unless you want to classify the love of India as part of that love story. In which case, yes, it is most definitely a love story. But as far as romance, it's there, but is not the crux. First and foremost, this is a story of the uprising of India against the feringhi (foreigners) and here lies the turmoil: on which side does one belong when one belongs on neither side and yet both? And can one survive it?

I found this an engrossing read and yet not a very cheerful one. The writing is 5 star but I found it rather dark and depressing. So many people die... I'm not someone who has to have a HEA (and this story does end well in case you're wondering) but I DO need some light moments, SOME
happiness. And there was very little. Even the sweet moments were bitter-sweet. There are times when you want to yell at the book, "NOOOOO"!!!!

I gave "Trade Wind" 4 stars (because the hero left something to be desired) but in actual fact I enjoyed that book more and after reading this I wanted to go back and raise my rating for that story, but thats where it's so hard to rate books. There's so much criteria to I judge based on characters, story, writing skills or all of the above? Or just how much I personally enjoyed it?

 Anyway,if you're looking for a realistic story of the Indian uprising written with amazing skill you will love this. The characters have depth and there are so many twists and turns which make for an exciting read. BUT, if you want a happy little fairy tale that gives you pleasant dreams at night look elsewhere.


SEX: There's a sex scene which covers one small paragraph. It is not graphic by any means but in my opinion it is not suitable for YA readers.

LANGUAGE: Mild to moderate depending on sensitivity.The 'N' word is used a few times (spoken by people who were in no way heroes), some B's and D's.

VIOLENCE: This is a story of mutiny and there are massacres. Some is NOT pleasant reading. While not as graphic as some that writers of today produce, there ARE some brutal moments which may give you nightmares. Again,not recommended for YA audiences. However, this was what really happened and I'm pretty sure that the author used a light hand in relating the revolts. The reality was far worse.

PARANORMAL ELEMENTS: The reader is led to believe at two points in the book that the heroine sees a ghost. However, this is never delved into and either confirmed or denied.
Also an epileptic child of one of the servants is believed by the natives to possess the "second sight" This is never confirmed, but apparently was a common belief when people were epileptic or had mental issues.

MY RATING: A strong PG-13

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  1. Hi Dorcas! Oh it´s so good to hear/read from you again!!!
    Please help me: what means HEA or N-word, Some B´s, D´s or PG-13???
    Hope, you and your loved ones are all well!
    Hugs, Uli