Sunday, December 8, 2013

Orlean Puckett, the life of a mountain midwife by Karen Cecil Smith

Product DetailsOrlean Puckett. Such a strong, tenderhearted woman. She travelled all over the mountains birthing hundreds of babies and yet buried 24 children herself (a result of RH hemolytic disease) . So heartbreaking. And so inspiring. This is a true story and a good one. She gave her heart and soul for the love of children. 

There's some humor too. Orleans husband-to-be was super shy. When he finally got the courage up to express himself this is what he said, "they just wasted purty on you when they made you, didn't they? They made you purty as they could and then pitched a shovel full in your face."

They were married the next Saturday.

 CONTENT: Suitable reading for all audiences

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