Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Journey Home by Linda Ford

Product DetailsOkay here it is. The story has a great premise and started very well. My problem was with the male hero. He has serious self esteem issues. He is half white and half Indian and feels he doesnt fit in in either world. Okay, we get it. Not easy. Point taken.But he takes it too far.

Even when people reach out to him he turns away and doesnt believe them cos he's Indian and no one likes Indians. Come on! Time to stop whining, take a nap and get over it. 

He pouts and hashes out his "nobody loves me" over and over again til you're sick to death of it. You're like "No one likes you cos you're a miserable person it has nothing to do with your heritage." 

But there you go, all is not lost as the heroine sees the diamond underneath and makes it her life's work to dig it out. Good for her.

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