Thursday, December 26, 2013

Oh To Glory by Abby Rosser

Oh to GraceDon't let the title of this book put you off. Its not a collection of hymns. :)

There's a lot of things I loved about this book. The characters are extremely well drawn and full of life and personality. Some are unforgettable, like the man who came home from the war with no legs and his wife carries him around like a sack of potatoes everywhere. Yet he never complains.

Others are just laugh out loud hilarious. Like the boy who saves spit from all his favorite foods in little glass jars to savor the memory...

Or Ida Mae who started leaking milk while at a family gathering and everyone is so embarrassed for her, trying to pretend they don't notice and she just comes out and says, "Anna gave me a new blouse to wear cos my hooters were leaking like a sow with fifty teats.' Just cracked me right up!

There are some very sad moments in the book too which I wont spoil for you but I felt they were gutsy and well portrayed.

The cons...
The POV switches back and forth and swings between dates so you really need to pay attention to the dates at the beginning of each chapter. Its a little confusing for the first half of the book.
I felt that the book also got a bit preachy toward the end. Not over the top but a little too much for my taste.

SEX: Implied (and sometimes mentioned outright) but not shown to reader. One instance of an adulterous relationship. Some necking in the hay and one case of unwed pregnancy. Not really suitable for YA readers but probably ok for NA readers.
VIOLENCE: Death by drowning and shooting.
PARANORMAL ELEMENTS: A fortune teller us consulted at a village fair.
SERMONIZING : A bit strong at the end. Otherwise very mild.

MY RATING: PG (For NA and A audiences)

Many thanks to Net Galley and the publisher for a free ecopy to review

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