Monday, December 9, 2013

A Different Sort of Perfect by Vivian Roycroft

Product DetailsWhen I first saw the cover of this novel I had reservations; it looked rather sultry and a bodice ripper wasn't what I had in mind. However, one reviewer compared the story to Jane Austin meets Master and Commander and what can I say, I was intrigued!

'A Different Sort Of Perfect' becomes a humorous adventure on the high seas when an impetuous girl of society stows away on a Man of War (unintentionally) to escape an arranged engagement with a lecherous old man. As it so happens, she's in the right place cos the crew are all perfect gentlemen so the lady need not worry. But there is where Jane Austen ends and Master and Commander begins...

 What I loved about this book was the adventure of it. The author paints a vivid seascape and you can feel every lilt of the vessel and taste the salt breeze (or did the author call it a zephyr?) . The characters are portrayed with realism and individuality. No one is perfect (including the H/H and no one is completely horrible either.

Its a clean read with no cussing or sex. There is one kiss at the end and some admiring of physique throughout. The only slight "lewd-ity" was in the shape of three parrots singing a ditty about "Lubricious ladies". (yup. I had to look that up) and a "near swear" at the end when you think the parrots are going to pair a cuss word with another that rhymes but then it doesn't happen making you feel rather dirty for even thinking it. ha! But that was the intention. So you may approve you may not. 

  "fornicating" is also used as an insult, like, "fornicating slime bag" or something similar.

Speaking of lubricous, I wanted to mention that one of the great things about this novel was that I learned some new words! I consider myself fairly well read but this novel had me making good use of my kindle's internal dictionary. I love that! (both the new words and my one click dictionary:)

Great read!

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