Monday, December 9, 2013

Heart Of Lies by Jill Marie Landis

Heart of Lies (Irish Angel, #2)I absolutely LOVED this book. ive never been to Lousianna and the bayou always fascinated me. So I was estatic to find this book!

Maddie was only a child when she was sold to a Fagan type character named Dexter in New Orleans. With her early memories erased, the only family she now posessed was the "tribe ".
The story begins with Maddie age 32 living with her two twin "brothers " on the bayou. Dexter is dead. While Maddie survives catching crab and trapping muskrats, the twins continue their life of crime.One night the men return to the shack with an 8 year old child in tow and inform Maddie of her new "role ".

 Enter Tom Abbot, a Pinkerton on the search for both a missing child and a missing person who disappeared over two decades ago....

This book has plenty of intrigue, chases, emotional turmoil and adventure. One thing I loved about the story is that it is realistic. Maddie doesn't change overnight, her past is ingrained in her and she doesnt trust easily. Later, when she meets up with a long lost family member it's not all hugs and kisses. She has all the insecurity and toughness we would expect from someone with her past. 

 I just loved this book. I loved the story and I loved the characters. From page one I was hooked and couldn't stop reading. I haven't read book one in the series and I enjoyed this one so much I wonder if they can even compare.

There is no sex and no cussing in this book. Violence is minimal and there's no preachiness whatsoever. Just a good clean story.

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