Monday, December 9, 2013

Dark At Noon by Jill Tattersall

Dark at Noon2 1/2 Stars
'Dark Noon" started off well enough. There is a stagecoach accident where several people are killed. There are two young women on board, both in mourning clothes. One dies and the living one has amnesia, so she has no memory of who she is or why she was travelling. So the mystery is one of identity. Which woman was the ragpicker and which one the heiress? No one knows...well, SOMEONE knows...ooooh spooky

Good stuff, right?

Problem is that the book levelled off after the initial excitement. Not much else happens for about 70% of the book. Everyone wants to know who this girl is but she can't tell us cos she doesn't know herself. How frustrating! It was literally chapters of "Have you remembered anything yet?" "Sorry. No." "Maybe you're an adventurer, playing amnesia for the inheritance.." "Maybe I am. I really couldn't say.." ARRGHHHHHH

The story picks up in the last 4 or 5 chapters where we have a scene in a tower, kidnapping and disguises and finally in the last chapter, the "Dickensian" reveal which every character in the book shows up for and all is made clear in a sort of cheesy fashion.

This book is primarily a mystery; I couldn't call it romantic suspense because there isn't much of a romance at all. The lead male is a jerk through 98% of the book and the "sorry I was wrong" in the end did nothing to placate me though it seemed to suffice for the heroine.

SEX: None


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