Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Street Cat Named Bob by James Bowen

Oh my. 
This is a book that deserves every one of its five stars.

The title basically says it all. It's about a former drug user whose life is on the rebound and is adopted by a stray sickly ginger kitten. After many attempts to locate the cat's owner, James adopts "Bob" and they become inseparable; first as a feline sidekick while James 'busked' for spare change and later to his selling "the Big Issue" (a magazine published to help people get back on their feet and into the working world again while rehabilitating).

The story is heartfelt, warm and pure feel good. Such a remarkable cat, full of personality and cleverness. How many cats do you know get on the bus, find their way home and use the toilet? I absolutely loved it.

The one thing I would have to wish different is the profanity. I understand that it was written plain, 'just say it like it is'. And that is part of its appeal. It's almost as though the author is sitting in the living room and telling us a story. Warts and all. That's fine! But I do think it could have been cleaned up a bit so younger audiences could enjoy it too. You know, just bleep it. "And he said, *bleeeeeep* or *blankety blank*. Or how about, "He jumped up and down, cussing all the while". We get the point.And no one is offended. It's really not that difficult.

All things considered though, I truly did love this story. Well done, James for getting your life back on track!! And well done, Bob for helping him :)

SEX: None
DRUG USE: mentioned, explained and overcome

MY RATING: PG-13 (for language and drug mention)

*UPDATE* I just learned that there's a YA version where the language has been cleaned up and photos added. It's called "Bob, No Ordinary Cat".


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