Monday, December 9, 2013

Death In Cyprus by M.M.Kaye

Death in CyprusAnother great murder whodunnit by M.M.Kaye! I find it close to impossible to guess the bad guys in her books, they're never predictable and always keep you guessing. In fact I have to force myself not to peek at the last chapter.

This book is set in Cyprus and it made a nice follow up after finishing the Moonspinners by Mary Stewart. The descriptions of Cyprus are real but not the focus of the book. Its a mystery and the author doesn't let us forget it or allow us to get sidetracked.

There are some similarities in each of these "death in..." books, (mainly in the female lead and a group of fellow Brits with one or two Americans or Canadians thrown in) however, the storylines themselves are very different. I cant really give a synopsis without giving away the story.
But I think just about anyone who likes Agatha Christie and Mary Stewart would also enjoy these.

M.M.Kaye never disappoints. I'm glad I still have three more in the "Death in..." series!


SEX : None (though there are rumors of affairs)
LANGUAGE : Very mild, a few light cusses.
VIOLENCE : mild and not descriptive.


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