Thursday, April 3, 2014

Falconlough by Monica Heath

Falconlough by Monica HeathI really liked this. It is an atmospheric Gothic that starts in the ruins of Ireland and ends in a folly in California.

On the death of her guardian, Cassandra travels to Ireland, the land of her ancestors. There, while in an ancient church she is accosted by a man looking startlingly like herself.
"Shana? "
"You're mistaken, I'm Cassy"
"Ah Cassandra. Of course...Shana, you must never be frightened of me ..."

Thus begins a strange relationship between a man and woman who could pass for twins. While knowing next to nothing about this man Shane, (who both comforts and terrifies her), Cassy is drawn to him against her will and they travel together to a castle ruin in Northern Ireland.

Falconlough; the castle of the O'neills, now tipped into the sea. But that is not the end of Falconlough ...

There's a lot of interest in this story. Dopplegangers, falconry, caves and castles, family intrigue and a huge organ whose pipes dominate the very castle walls.

While somewhat predictable, there are enough twists and turns that I was still surprised by some of the revelations. Well worth a read!


SEX : None.
PARANORMAL ELEMENTS : One character is a self proclaimed witch. But not all is as it first appears.


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