Thursday, April 10, 2014

Devnaa's India by Roopa Rawal

Devnaa's INDIA: Delicious Vegetarian Home Cooking & Street FoodI love Indian food.

And by that I mean authentic Indian food, not what most Indian chain restaurants churn out, but rather honest to goodness down home cooking. And just as much as I love Indian food I love just as much to cook it myself. So as you can imagine, when I spotted this title on Netgalley I grabbed the chance to request it :)

And now I read it and can tell you in perfect honesty that this is a great book!

I have several Indian cookbooks, some I go to more often than others. This is definitely a "go to " cookbook. The recipes are very straightforward and pretty simple. In fact, I would really recommend this one for someone just starting out in Indian cooking because the recipes are very do-able in that they use the same basic 10 or so spices,( including your onion, garlic, Chili and cilantro). So its not overwhelming. You could stock up on the basic spices and actually make almost every recipe in the book without needing to rent a storage unit to house your spices. Really truly.

Even for someone not easily overwhelmed and who likes to play with truckloads of spices (*cough* that would be me) sometimes time is of the essence and you need something you can whip up on short notice that still tastes awesome. This fits the bill.

In fact I really wish I had this in paper (not just digitally) because I know I would use it over and over again if I could grab it off the shelf. Looks like the Scrooge will have to buy herself a hardcopy... :)

And by the way, there's a color picture for every recipe! Now that is what I like to see!

I received a free ecopy of this book from Netgalley and the publishers in exchange for my honest opinion. Thank you!

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