Monday, April 14, 2014

Cozy Classics: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Jack& Holman Wang

Cozy Classics: The Adventures of Tom SawyerSo how do you tell the story of Tom Sawyer in twelve WORDS? That's right; not PAGES, but WORDS.

Well let me tell you about this, I think its is such a brilliant idea~ This is a board book with one word per page and a picture. But not an ordinary picture. These are needle felted works of art taken from scenes of the book.

For example, page one is the word HIDE. The picture to go with that is a needle felted Tom Sawyer hiding behind an illuminated "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Chapter 1" title page with a pot of jam in his hands.

Page two is PAINT and the picture is the one that is on the cover.

Other words are KISS, CRY, PLAY, CAVE etc and each one features the characters and events from the book.LOST is a scene of Tom and Becky lost in the cave with Tom holding a candle and bats flying over them; Becky is ducking her head.

So, really you could use the book as any normal picture book just flipping the pages and learning words OR, what I would do is tell the story of Tom Sawyer aloud and turn the pages as you get to that point in the story (because the pictures are consecutive with scenes in the classic).

I think its an awesome way to introduce very young children to the classics. Very cool indeed!

If this was out 16 years ago when my daughter was little I would have bought the whole set!

*I received a free digital copy from the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion

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