Tuesday, April 15, 2014

No More A Roving by Sylvia Thorpe

No More A-Roving by Sylvia Thorpe3 1/2 stars
Another fun romp by Sylvia Thorpe!

In this story the heroine finds herself betrothed to a man she grew up with from a neighboring plantation in Barbados. He loves her in his own way but is controlling and jealous. Meanwhile a convict ship comes in and Bethany's father goes to check out the slaves for sale. He finds a tall man of arrogant stature and cool gray eyes and buys him along with a few others...need I say more?

What follows is accusations of insubordination, a flogging, Bethany's virtue is called into question, there is a show down, a shipwreck, pirates, a slave uprising and a mystery involving a 'royal' birth. Sounds like a lot but somehow Sylvia works it all out.

It's not my favorite Thorpe but it's still a good solid 3 stars and I can recommend it to others who like a clean romantic adventure set in another time and place.

SEX: None
VIOLENCE: A flogging (not graphic) and muted talk of rape among pirates
PROFANITY: Mild to None

MY Rating: G to Mild PG

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  1. Hi Dorcas, just called by your craft blog to see how you where and found you here :o))
    I am a huge lover of books so this is a fabulous find for me.
    Will be paying lots of visits.
    Hugs Mau xx
    hope you are well, wishing you a Wonderful Easter.