Thursday, April 3, 2014

Feathers In The Fire by Catherine Cookson

Feathers in the Fire by Catherine CooksonAre you the type who reads "Frankenstein" and feels sorry for the monster? I admit that I do just a bit. Maybe that's why I love this book so much.

I first read this 10 years ago in 2004 and wanted to reread it to see if it still squeezed my guts. It did. *sigh* I just love this book. No, it's not your feel good, fluffy, life-is-wonderful kind of book. Its raw and even coarse in a couple of places but the story is just

So the master of the manor isn't quite so pious as he would like the townsfolk to think. When his young daughter finds him in a compromising position in the old malt house, his wife hears about his infidelity and soon goes into premature labor at 7 months (she could never carry babies full term) and gives birth to...

she tore the blanket first one way and then the other from the tiny form. They all stared down at the little creature. It had a head and two arms and a body but no legs. There were two fleshy protrusions where the legs should have been and from these hung two pieces of distorted flesh, what might have been termed, with a stretch of imagination, a pair of feet.
"Take...take it to the copse and drop it in the pool, the bog part..."

And that's where Amos nearly ended before he could start. It's not spoiling it to tell you it wasn't the end. Amos went on to become one of the most terrifying villains Ive ever read about, his arms as strong and agile as an octopus, creeping about on rafters etc. Eeeek! But knowing he was an unwanted "it" for his whole life you cant help feeling just an eensy teensy bit sorry for him...

Aside from the villainous Amos, "Feathers in the Fire" is also a love story and a story of growing and forgiveness.
One of Catherine Cookson's very best.

And by the way, if you like Catherine Cookson's style you might also try Jane Jackson's Eye of the Wind orThe Iron Road. Both are excellent and similar in style to CC.


SEX: (Fade to Black), infidelity and rape/attempted rape is mentioned.
VIOLENCE: Pretty Mild


Read in 2004 (1)
Read in 2014 (1)

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