Monday, April 7, 2014

Home Sweet Anywhere by Lynne Martin

Home Sweet Anywhere by Lynne MartinThis had a really fascinating start point. A married couple of retirement age sell everything and travel the world, not so much as tourists but as temporary residents, a month or two in each place. Very cool. Very gutsy. I applaud them.

So this is their story and I liked it.

Where they lost my interest a bit was the same old same oldness of each stop. While the country may be different, their pattern of living never really changed. So the days centered around eating, grocery shopping, getting a drink or two and trying to communicate and make friends with the locals (and if that wasn't possible, some likeminded English speaking tourists) . The author and her husband really aren't into lengthy scenic tours of the countryside/ architecture so the memoir doesn't travel too far from the hotel. In that way it was a bit boring. I felt 'grounded ' when I wanted to see the sights.

But! The reader has to keep in mind that this is a retired couple. They're not hitchhiking hippies. So the focus will be different.

Bottom line: I really think this couple deserve kudus for the guts to pack up and follow their hearts desire!

I received this ebook free from Netgalley in exchange for my honest opinion. Thank you!

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