Thursday, April 24, 2014

Making and Using Vinegar by Bill Collins

So, who wants to read a book about vinegar?

I'll admit that it's not something that "grabs" most people right off, but actually, its not as dry as it looks. Anyone who enjoys "homesteading ", pickling, canning, or just cooking in general will want this cookbook in their collection.

Its not a diatribe on the history of vinegar (although it touches on vinegar's beginnings),  nor is it a health book (but if you want to get into it,  vinegar does have its uses). Primarily, this is a book to teach you how to make your own vinegars from 'mother' and alcohol. There's also a section on herb infusions if you like the idea of getting fancy without the "boil and trouble".

And then there's tons and tons of recipes from pickles to chocolate cake to barbecue. All in all a well rounded book.


*I received this ebook free from NetGalley

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