Sunday, March 30, 2014

The House On The Cliff by D E Stevenson

The House on the CliffThis is a clean, sweet read and I enjoyed it very much. If you're ever looking for a feel good "palate cleanser " between books, D E Stevenson seems a good choice.

There's really not a complicated plot or even much in the way of twists and turns. I found it fairly predictable but I still enjoyed it. I was debating what to rate it...
Because of its simplicity I thought a solid 3. But you really can't compare apples to peaches. 'The House On the Cliff ' isn't trying to be 'War and Peace ' so you cant put them side by side and compare.

So for what this is: a sweet love story along the lines of "The Secret Garden" for grown-ups, it succeeds.

In a nutshell, a rather destitute orphan (hopelessly infatuated with her charismatic coworker) inherits her ancestor's old homestead and leaves everything in the city behind. Its a story of discovery. First, of oneself, second, where one belongs, and lastly who to share one's life with.

SEX : None


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