Sunday, March 30, 2014

Overcoming Obstacles in Cooking by Michael W. Miller

Overcoming Obstacles in Cooking3 1/2 Stars for actual content
5 Stars for effort and encouragement

"Stop and look at me for who I am~
Don't turn away when you take a glance.
Don't look at the crowd and follow them~
Be yourself and give me a chance." - Matthew W. Miller

This is really a special cookbook because it is written by someone who knows the challenges of cooking with a disability but does it anyway. Matthew (the author) deals with mild Cerebral palsy so his insights encourage one to keep it simple and never give up.

When I picked this up I thought it was going to be more of a book on tips (organizing kitchen supplies for easy access, that kind of thing) but it's not. It is a cookbook. Matthew has gathered favorite recipes from friends and family that are easy, simple and user friendly; the book reminiscent of the old "church bakesale" collections.

I would highly recommend this cookbook to people dealing with a disability and also to young people (or adults!) who were never taught how to use recipes. The choices are pretty foolproof and would give them a good start and confidence in the kitchen.

How this book could be 5 stars :

I want to hear more from Matthew! His poem is beautiful and his suggestions on pages 74 -77 are very helpful. (for instance, when cooking with someone who has a disability be patient and don't jump to their rescue unless they really need rescuing!)
I would love to read even more tips like this (you need to go to the appendix for these) and I would prefer them spaced throughout the book along with stories (successes and disasters) that the author had while learning the art of cooking. That's just an idea and my two cents worth. :)

Also I would love to see some pictures (or sketches) of the recipes.

I do think the price is rather high ($35) for such a short book but I truly wish the best for the author and his future endeavors. He genuinely seems to be a kind, likeable person!

*I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest opinion

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