Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Lodger by Mary Jane Staples

The Lodger by Mary Jane Staples4.5 Stars

This is a retelling of Marie Belloc Lowndes' book The Lodger but with a humorous cockney twist. While characters go about their daily routines and see to their own joys and challenges, a murderer is afoot. A murderer who strangles his lady victims and takes a lock of their golden hair as a souvenir.

No, the murders are not funny. But this is where Mary Jane Staples (a.k.a. Robert Tyler Stevens) excels at his craft. The way he can take a subject like Jack the Ripper and turn it into a feel good story is masterful. In this novel we are treated to three distinct romances, a lot of cockney humor and bantering dialog as well as satisfying suspense. 

It's a light read but there's still enough going on to satisfy serious readers who like a meatier story. The cover art makes you think its a YA novel but it really isn't. I would say because of themeatic elements older teenagers and up would be best suited. 


SEX: alluded to (off screen), one victim is a prostitute. 
PROFANITY: Mild (if you're American), Moderate (if you're British). No F bombs.
MY RATING: PG-13 (for profanity)

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