Tuesday, September 23, 2014

This Rough Magic by Mary Stewart

This Rough Magic3.5 Stars (Mary Stewart Group Read Sept 2014)

Well I started this a week earlier than I should have (got the dates mixed up) so I'm reviewing when I should just be starting to read. Nevermind. It happens.

I won't write a synopsis, that's been done many times. I'll just say that I enjoyed this, thought it was well written and was fairly gripping toward the end.

I liked the retro references to gold lipstick and nylon clothes which made me think of 60s films (gotta love em! ) and the dolphin was a nice touch too. Cigarette smoking was kept pretty much in its place in this one (MS characters are often chain smokers) which I found refreshing, although they do still smoke. Just not OTT. I thought that the h/h had fairly good chemistry but I would have enjoyed seeing them interact together a bit more.

I cant say I was steamrolled, though, by the plot. I could guess what was coming so unfortunately that curbed the suspense a bit. I would rate it about equal to Mary Stewart's The Moonspinners. Enjoyable but not neccesarily a reread.

Wildfire at Midnight is still sits top place in my affection :)


SEX: None. Some kissing and flirting
PROFANITY: Moderate (D, B, GD, H), particularly toward the end of the book.
VIOLENCE: Moderate violence in last quarter of book during "showdown ".


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