Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Key Of Life by Francis Brett Young

The Key Of Life3.75 Stars 

When archaeologists start digging around her home of Castel Ditches, Ruth is intrigued. Not much happens in the country so anything of news is welcome.

But with the winter comes sickness. The head archaeologist becomes ill with pleurisy and the doctor puts him up at Ruth's home to be nursed since its the closest. She tends him and they fall in love ... but is it love? Or pity?

Hugh gets reposted to Egypt (because of the warmer dry climate) and he sends for Ruth to join him there. But when she arrives, Hugh is sick once again and his mind is full of his own work and nagging suspicions. Suspicions about Ruth and the new anthropologist, a man called Bezuidenthout...

I can't say any more, you'll have to read it. But I found it a quick, enjoyable read. It could have been 4 stars but the ending didn't quite satisfy me. 

The story takes place around the time King Tut's tomb was discovered so anyone fascinated with mummies, pyramids and archaeology in general would probably like this. Alas, it is difficult to find. I bought my copy through Abebooks but ebay is another option. 

Sex: None
Violence: None
Profanity: Ds
Paranormal elements: None

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