Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Romance of a Poor Young Man by Octave Feiullet

The Romance of a Poor Young Man by Octave FeuilletLet me just say right now that this could very well deserve more than three stars but three is all I can give it. I was reading a public domain epub version riddled with typos and typos do not mesh with French names. Honestly, I'll probably never know what the character's real names were. I identified them with £ signs and asterisks. 

Anyway, its about a young gentleman who is left destitute on his father's death and forced to make his own way. He goes hungry for a while and then gets a position as a manager of sorts at a country estate. 

There's a rather uppity daughter whom he falls in love with in spite of himself and in spite of herself (she really isn't a very nice person, but of course she cant help it, its the curse of being rich and beautiful, who to trust?) and there are some pleasant minor characters as well.

I enjoyed the scenery descriptions in this. One boating scene took them down a small river through meadows and woods and culminated in a waterfall with a near death experience. That really got my imagination going! Theres also a very cool tower ruin and escape, but to be honest, a lot of the story was lost on me because of transfer issues. Very sad.

The blurb calls it a fairy tale. I suppose it could loosely be classified as such but just so you know there are no fairies, no fairy godmothers, and no magicians. But it is a "rags to riches on the stroke of midnight" kind of tale and there just might be a happily ever after in store for some. 


FYI: It has come to my attention that Project Guttenberg has this digital book and is free of formatting issues. I just downloaded it to see for myself and it reads perfectly. (and you can download the epub with images too) I highly recommend you use the P.G. copy. I wish I did!

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