Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Half Portions by Edna Ferber

Half Portions (Dodo Press)Half Portions is a collection of short stories set before/during/after WW1 in small town America. I enjoyed some stories more than others but overall, most held my interest. I confess to skimming parts of two. 

This is my first Edna Ferber book and I can honestly say she is a good writer. I wonder if I would enjoy her full length novels more, though? It's hard to write a completely satisfying story in the space of ten or twenty pages. You just get invested in the characters and its over. But it was a good taste of what Edna Ferber can do, so I'm glad I read it,

Good news is, most of her short story compilations are public domain and free on Kindle and her full length novels are available to borrow off Openlibrary.org.


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