Friday, August 29, 2014

Face Of An Angel by Dorothy Eden

Face Of An Angel by Dorothy EdenWhile classified as a Gothic, this isn't one in the true sense. There's no windswept moors, no dilapidated mansion, no creepy housekeeper. Really, this is just a good solid mystery, Hitchcock style.

The suspense here builds slowly which in a way is more suspenseful because we are as naive as the heroine. There's no foreboding to warn you of what's coming. And while this is a totally different story, it reminded me in parts of Vincent Price's "House of Wax" and "Psycho". (but don't expect to be scared out of your wits, its not like that)

A young woman, unlucky in love, goes to an art exhibit and attracts the attention of the art dealer and his friend, a foreign painter, who says she has "the face of an angel". Soon, the art dealer, Clive, convinces Meg to go with him to the country and be his secretary. His friend, the artist, insists she also come regularly to sit for him so he can paint her, although he is a terrible artist. ( Incidently, Hans the artist lives nearby with an old recluse of a housekeeper and her cat).

Clive (the art dealer) is married, though we don't see his wife straight away as she's been in the hospital for an extended stay, recovering from an auto accident that has destroyed her face...

There's also a pretty young librarian who is in love with Hans although somewhat frightened of him. She also sits for Hans until one day she doesn't show up for her job...

And there's Simon Sommers, who runs an antique shop and periodically sells Clive paintings. He has taken a shine to Meg and keeps tab on her, always nagging her to spend time with him and flirting shamelessly. I quite liked his character.

I really enjoyed this and thought it was well thought out. While we suspect which characters arent all that they seem to be, we don't know WHY or whats going to happen until it all comes together at the end. At least I never guessed anything. Well worth a read!


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