Monday, August 18, 2014

Mr. and Mrs. Pennington by Francis Brett Young

Mr and Mrs Pennington4.5 Stars

This is the story of Dick and Susan Pennington, their courtship and then their first year of marriage with all its ups and downs. Dick is probably the sweetest guy ever. Love his character! If he had any faults it was his all encompassing blind devotion to his wife who could at times be selfish, silly and conniving.

But if I was to give a moralistic superscription to this story it would be the triumph of second chances. I came away feeling quite deeply that we should never be quick to throw away something that's too precious to replace.

I don't want to give away the story but let's just say that something happens that tests this couple love, devotion and loyalty to eachother to the limit. There's a young man involved, a scheming boss, a death, and a murder trial, reminiscent of a Perry Mason episode.

Francis Brett Young is excellent at portraying characters with all their strengths and weaknesses and while we may not always like them, we understand what led them to x,y,z and we root for them. This book reminded me of Margaret Kennedy's style of writing and it was thoroughly enjoyable.


SEX: Behind closed doors
VIOLENCE: Not an issue
MY RATING: Mild PG (for thematic elements)

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