Friday, August 29, 2014

India Fortunes by Gary Worthington

India Fortunes by Gary WorthingtonIndia Fortunes is the sequel to India Treasures: A Novel of Rajasthan and Northern India Through the Ages (which I gave 5 stars).

The sequel is written in just the same manner and quality as the first, my reason for dropping a star is personal taste. I'm not much into modern history, so as the stories came closer in time, focusing quite a bit during the time of Ghandi, I found myself skimming.

My favorite section in here is "Master Builder" which tells the story of the design and building of the Taj Mahal. Utterly fascinating, I loved it!

Just a FYI, the two books have dual time lines, one ancient and one modern day (1970s). As the books progress, the "ancient" time line marches closer to the modern until they finally meet at the end of book 2, and the full treasure's hiding place is revealed. (A partial treasure is found at the end of book 1)

Really enjoyed these books and I think that any lover of India or history in general will love them.

CONTENT: PG (mild language and violence)

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