Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Hidden Hand by E.D.E.N. Southworth

The Hidden Hand: Or, Capitola the MadcapIt somehow doesn't seem right to review a book that's really only half a book (The "sequel" Capitola's Peril is the other half, and both are available free on kindle).

Well, I didn't love this. I'm not even sure if I liked it. It's a strange little book and has its share of devoted fans but for one reason or another IT and I just didn't 'click '. Some books are like that and you can't force the relationship. It either is or it isnt.

At its beginning, "The Hidden Hand " is a mystery. Then its a comedy. Then a romance, next a sermon and then...it ends. No character felt real enough for me to care what became of them. And primarily for this reason, although the book takes us to a cliffhanger ending where nothing much is resolved and Black Donald is still on the loose, I'm ok with that. I know the answers are all in the sequel but I'm not sure I'm that bothered to find out, even though its free. Isn't that awful?

Please read other reviews for this because I am definitely in the minority on this one and Id hate for you to bypass a book that may be a winner for you. It's free. Give it a go.


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